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DTF , Estampado y bordado

Ofrecemos bordados con hilo sostenible y estampados con tintas al agua y DTF de calidad  respetando el medio ambiente. Personaliza tus prendas con calidad y responsabilidad ambiental.

Screen printing custom

Service custom screen printing complete with different printing techniques. We use inks with water-based to be more eco-friendly and sustainable to the extent possible. We have printing techniques such as screen prints flat and integrated into the tissue, as well as the stamped "POOF" with inks hinchantes, and other types of inks and techniques. We also have stamping plates, silver and gold among other colors. Service for digital stamping or technical DTF.

Custom embroidered

Service custom embroidery of quality and definition. We can make different embroidery as nuanced, festoons, applications of tissue, cut laser, patches, fusible, embroidery 3D, etc, Embroidered, large banners, flags, etc

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