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Manufacture of sustainable clothing and custom from scratch


In the vibrant world of fashion, we are proud to be a leader in the manufacturing of custom clothescontributing to the prestige of the "Spain Brand". As clothing manufacturers without intermediaries, are renowned for merging the authenticity of the Spanish fashion with the versatility of the production of clothes as. We specialize in giving life to the unique vision of each "Brand of Spanish clothing", bringing the creativity of local to global scale.

Our firm is built on the principles of sustainability, committed to responsible manufacturing that respects the environment and promotes ethical practices. The "Sustainable clothing" it is a cornerstone of our commitment to quality and social responsibility, fusing elegance with environmental awareness.

As leaders, between the "Clothing manufacturers in Spain"we trust in offering custom solutions for brands looking to stand out in a competitive market. We link with the rich tradition of the Spanish fashion, maintaining excellence in every stitch and foster innovation in every design. Working with us means to transcend the expectations and join the elite of the fashion industry in spain, where the customization and quality converge to create unique experiences and lasting.

manufacturing process full or partial


Industrial patterning and scaled

Immerse yourself in the excellence of the industrial patterning with our specialized service. We offer a flawless service, sponsorship, perfecting every detail to make your vision come to life. From the scaling of size to the digitisation of basic patterns, we use cutting-edge technology to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Our team of experts in industrial patterning is dedicated to optimizing each design, ensuring a perfect fit on all dimensions. Trust us to bring your creations to the next level, where the accuracy and innovation, to create garments that stand out in style and comfort.


Sustainable materials and proximity

Discover the elegance, being aware of our sustainable materials, a fusion of quality and proximity. Each thread has a history of commitment, woven with care and respect for the environment. Our pursuit of excellence extends from the selection of raw materials to the production, giving priority to the proximity to reduce the carbon footprint. With designs that stand out both for its style as for its sustainability, we offer a unique experience. Opt for the quality that feels good, knowing that each garment reflects our commitment to sustainable materials that is not only wear, but also contribute to the overall well-being.


We make your prototype

Discover excellence in design with our service sampler textile and prototypes. We transform ideas into reality with precision and creativity. From the selection meticulous tissue to the production expert, each sample reflects the quality and attention to detail. Our dedicated team works to materialize your visions into prototypes that exceed expectations. Quickly and accurately, we offer a comprehensive service that drives innovation in fashion. Trust us to bring your concepts to life, creating samples and prototypes that inspire and define the path to excellence in the textile industry.


We manufacture your clothing production in Spain

Immerse yourself in the era of sustainable fashion with our exclusive service of clothes manufacturing to third parties. At the heart of our mission is the creation of clothing high-quality, sustainable, customized for your "Brand for Spanish clothing". We are proud to be the builders of the designs that not only reflect your unique vision, but also embrace environmental responsibility. We manufacture quality clothing to enhance your brand, fusing the elegance of Spanish with sustainability.

Producción de ropa vertical


The dedication and knowledge of our team are fundamental to our commitment to excellence. Each member brings their unique experience, ensuring that every detail in the textile production meets the highest quality standards. Trust in the skill of our team to carry out projects textile accurate and efficient. We are committed to innovation and quality

Corte y confección de ropa


Our comprehensive approach ensures the highest quality and efficiency, by providing you with a turnkey service that simplifies your path to market. Trust us to offer complete solutions and customized, meeting the highest standards in every stage of the manufacturing process.

Fabricante de ropa sostenible en España


Our dedication to excellence is reflected in each garment, offering exceptional quality at competitive prices. From the comfort of the poles to the versatility of the hoodies, our garments are made with attention to detail and construction of the first category. Whether for a line "Casual" or "school uniforms", we ensure that each part meets with the most stringent standards. Trust us to get knitwear exterior that combine style, durability and an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

Our values

As manufacturer of sustainable clothing in Spainour values are based on ethics, respect to the environment, the commitment and the quality. Guided by strong ethics, each garment reflects our commitment to fair and transparent practices. Respect for the environment is paramount; we choose materials eco friendly and sustainable processes. Our commitment to quality ensures garments durable and timeless. Each step, from the choice of fabrics to the garment reflects our commitment to a sustainable approach. With us, not just buy fashion, but also values that are rooted in the ethical responsibility and environmental, ensuring a style conscious and durable.


We offer comprehensive advice on the production of sustainable clothing, to cover pattern making, fabric cutting, sewing, embroidery, patterns, and finishing of the garment. Trust in our experience.



We guarantee quality in the finish of the garment, highlighting textures exceptional prints and embroidery. Our meticulous attention to detail elevates each piece to perfection.


Trust us as your clothing manufacturer, Spanish. Our dedication, experience and commitment ensure quality products that reflect the unique essence of the sustainable fashion Spanish.

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